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The Cascade Theatre has always been a special place.  In 1935, the year the Cascade first opened, the theatre was capable of seating over 20% of Redding’s total population.  In its heyday, the Cascade offered Shasta County residents a place to escape from the daily struggle of life during the depression, a place to experience the wonders of the latest cinema technology and a place for the community to come together for first dates, birthdays and community celebrations.

Today, the Cascade Theatre is still a special place in the hearts and minds of Redding’s citizens. Today the Cascade is special to both longtime residents and newcomers alike because it stands as a proud symbol of Redding’s history, serves as a powerful catalyst for downtown economic revitalization and provides a venue for a diverse array of arts and cultural events that celebrate the human spirit.

Thanks to the generosity of over 1,800 community businesses, individuals and organizations and the assistance of Southern Oregon University, the JPR Foundation now operates this fabulous facility as a multi-use performing arts center.  Like the Cascade of 1935, the theatre once again possesses state-of-the-art sound, lighting, film and theater technology, making it capable of supporting a wide variety of dramatic, musical and film presentations.  New to the Cascade is a deeper stage, full orchestra pit, expanded performer dressing rooms, mezzanine lobby, computerized box office, two new concession areas and a quadrupled number of patron restrooms.  In partnership with Jefferson Public Radio, the Cascade presents its own series of events, encompassing music, theater, and dance.

Additionally, the Cascade now supports the creative work of Shasta County’s local and regional cultural organizations, providing performing artists a professional space to present their craft and giving patrons a place to enjoy a first-class entertainment experience.  The Cascade is the home of the Northstate Symphony’s Redding performances and is used regularly by a host of local organizations, such as the Jefferson Repertory Company and the Redding City Ballet.

Recognizing that local citizen input is essential to enable the Cascade to fulfill its mission as a non-profit performing arts center, a local advisory committee guides the theatre’s operations.  This committee includes  Robert Warren (chair), Diane Gerard, Marianne Johannessen, Sherry Watts, Anne Peterson, Rita Rensky, Larry Morgon, Paul Westhelle and Jim Wyatt.

In 1935, the Cascade Theatre was a vital element of Redding’s cultural and economic life.  Today the Cascade once again flourishes as a place that breathes new life into Redding’s downtown and brings people of all ages together to be entertained and inspired.