When Salmon Speak forum

When Salmon Speak forum poster

The When Salmon Speak forum is part of the two-week Run4Salmon prayer journey led by the Winnemem Wintu. Learn more at Run4Salmon.org

At this very moment, Big Ag billionaires are lobbying state and federal politicians to push their California water policies and projects that will export even more North State water to their industrial farms down South. As the rich get richer, the salmon and other fisheries are pushed to the brink of extinction without healthy rivers.

Join us to learn from California water experts how water policy and infrastructure projects like the Delta tunnel threaten the survival of California’s salmon and threaten our communities’ water quality.

Let’s discuss how we can fight to create California water policy that benefits the public, the salmon and future generations.

Featured Speakers:
Caleen Sisk – Chief and Spiritual Leader of the Winnemem Wintu

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla – Executive Director of Restore the Delta

Tom Stokely – Salmon and Water Policy Consultant

Musical Performances by Desirae Harp and Jesi Naomi

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