Live Music and Dancing with Black Vinyl 45

Black Vinyl 45
Live music and dancing with Black Vinyl 45. Established in 2012, Black Vinyl 45 consists of a group of long time Shasta County residents with a passion for rock and roll music. With the original goal of creating entertaining events for family and friends, Black Vinyl 45 has grown into one of Shasta County’s most sought after local bands. Every song performed by Black Vinyl 45 is selected to satisfy one simple criterion: crowd participation. It is the intention of Black Vinyl 45 to create an evening of entertainment that engages the audience by performing recognizable songs that encourage singing and dancing…preferably both. Whether it’s the powerful vocals of Jim Whittle, the highly accomplished skills of Jim Sletner on guitar, or the solid foundation of Tate Johnson on the bass and Don Ajamian on the drums, Black Vinyl 45 consistently fulfills it’s original mission of creating entertaining events for family, friends and for all Shasta county residents young and old.
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