Figuring Juncture: the contemporary art of Justin Patton & Karlo Henry Velazquez

Old City Hall Gallery is proud to present “Figuring Juncture – the contemporary art of Justin Patton and Karlo Henry Velazquez”. The opening reception for this exhibition will be held on Friday, January 11, from 5pm to 7:30pm.

This exhibition will also be a part of the Annual Redding Cultural Cruise 2019 on Friday, January 25, as well as the annual Hops & Shops event organized by Viva Downtown, on Saturday, February 23.

Exhibition closes: February 23.

Justin Patton: Artist Statement

My paintings are recordings of a moment in time. A moment when I become so entranced in the act of painting my sense of self dissolves and the subconscious mind takes over. When I paint, I am completely present in the here and now. It is a place to be completely free from all rules and regulation. Free from all expectations placed by society and more importantly, the expectations we place on ourselves. A space where one can overcome feelings of anxiety and stress. In this way, painting has become for me a spiritual ritual, or a form of meditation. It is something that focuses me, silences my thoughts and expresses them in charcoal and paint. A blank canvas for me is a place of infinite possibilities and a metaphor for the universe at large. Each work is part of a journey to a destination unknown, that travels through a landscape of indifference and reflects our world.

Justin Patton: Biography

On January 17th 1988, Justin Gregory Patton was born to a middle-class couple Greg and Pamela of Redding California. His interest in art started young. Growing up in the rural community of Happy Valley just south of Redding. As a boy he showed a powerfully creative mind, spending many hours drawing detailed blueprint like sketches of imaginary vehicles and illustrating scenes from science fiction films.
During his high school years, Justin studied many traditional art techniques intensively with his Teacher, mentor and local artist Alan Demsher. Within this time he had accumulated numerous awards and recognition from local and state-wide contests, and created a reputation as an artist fluent in a wide range of mediums.
After graduating from West Valley High school, Justin chose to pursue more stable work by taking a job at a local hardware retailer while completing a welding certificate program at the local community college. Throughout this period he created few artistic works and the lack of creative expression developed into depression. He had realized that although he was quite successful working within the corporate world, he was living someone else’s dream.
At the beginning of 2015, Justin decided to commit fully to his love of art. Working mainly with acrylic on canvas, he focused all of his energy, time and money into what was to become a new found career in painting. Passionately creating works inspired by the ideas of artists such as Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Georges Mathieu, Zdzis?aw Beksi?ski, Picasso and Frank Frazetta.
To this day Justin has exhibited and sold many of his works throughout California and Oregon. His work is currently hanging in local businesses, restaurants and private collections along the West Coast. His unshakable ambition to create emotionally moving works of art and share them with the world promises a bright future for this young underground artist and the collectors of his work.
Justin currently resides in Anderson CA along with his beautiful wife Hannah and their two young boys Maverick and Jasper. He can be found regularly showing and creating his work at his favorite local cafe, The Brasserie in downtown Redding

Karlo Henry Velazquez – Artist Statement
For me, painting, like any other type of art, is a form of communication.
The mere act of creation in an insightful state makes an artist really look at his or her own ideas and feelings. I started painting because it was a more accessible and private way for me to let out many of the ideas that polluted my head and the feelings deep in my heart.
Many of my first paintings were conceived in moments when I couldn’t express emotional pain or frustration, some as snapshots of thoughts/dreams and others just for the satisfaction of creating something unique. As a spectator, I can submerge myself in works of others, finding that some of them made me look at myself in a different way. Even though I paint for me with the goal to let out some of what is inside, the thought that my work could reach out and touch someone else leaves me with a powerful feeling of accomplishment.
Some of my works are insightful and represent what’s in my head or heart at the moment; others are a reflection of how my childhood heroes are being portrayed.
My early works where deeply influenced by surrealism with touches of Mexican and Spanish folk. Now, after living in the states, taking on Pop Art is, for me, is like following the classic school of painting muses, adapted to the current era and with a more lighthearted approach.
Like many painters have said, “I paint because that is me and without painting my soul would die.” Finding time to create, sit down and paint is difficult if it is not what you do for a living. Still, in the few moments I have to actually put all of my ideas on canvas, I enjoy and see that painting is actually my way of living… hoping that someday it will be the only thing I do with my life.

Karlo Henry Velazquez – Biography

Born in Barcelona, Karlo Henry is an avid explorer of the “New World” and currently lives in Redding California.
He graduated as an electronic engineer but continued his art education at The Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey, Instituto de Bellas Artes de Queretaro and University of Texas in Arlington.
His style began as collages deeply influenced by religious art and artists like Miro and Velazquez and later evolved into more surreal portraits of hearts as seen in the series “CorazonEs:” (“HeartIs:”). He has created a diverse range of paintings that demonstrated influences from popular Spanish Surrealists Remedios Varo and Salvador Dali mixed with Mexican folklore and painters like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.
After looking for a place in fine art galleries, he felt more at home in the emerging underground art scene in Dallas-Fort Worth which gave him the opportunity to be part of a collective, help create new venues, curate shows and sell his works overseas.
His latest works are very illustrative, combining his love of 70’s and 80’s animation, fashion and the Pop movement of American culture. The subjects in his paintings and the use of color give his works a funny, lighthearted air. But if you look closer, you could find a commentary about gender and the importance of staying close to your inner child.
Most often you will find him in his “studio room”, head bowed over a painting, or rescuing treasures at the nearest thrift store, watching movies and old cartoons, or since moving to Redding, walking one of the many trails and enjoying nature.

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