Femme Fatale Fireside Session

Fireside Sessions - Femme Fatale Edition

Fireside Sessions – Femme Fatale Edition

 Join us as we celebrate some of our local women of song!

There’s a new wave of girl power hitting the music scene and this time, it’s infiltrating not just the stage… also the writing and recording booth too. Largely a male-dominated arena, music has a history of being written mostly by male songwriters, but thanks to the ground-breaking work of many female songwriters and singer/songwriters, that’s starting to change.

Not only are these talented, lovely women writing their own songs… they’re performing them, working with other artists of all genres, to help write pretty incredible music!
Hosted by Eddie Sadler this will be a truly spectacular storyteller’s event like you haven’t experienced.

Cost is only $10 per person and be sure to get your tickets early… last time it was standing room only!



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