Dennis Halkides & Lucius Upshaw – photography & sculpture

Show runs: May 5 – June 30
Free Admission
Shasta County Arts Council
Old City Hall
1313 Market St, Redding
Gallery hours: Tue-Thu, noon – 5pm; Fridays, noon – 6pm;
4th Saturday of month, 11am – 3pm


D E N N I S    H A L K I D E S
I believe that most people think of a photographer as someone that snaps pictures that are accurate slices of time and place of their subject, reproducing reality if you will. 

As a photographic artist, I don’t do that, or at least try my best not to. I don’t see myself as a mere “recorder” of what is. I see a subject that interests me and try to identify why it caught my attention…then try to envision what I can make from it. My interpretation. Bottom line test is that it must be something I will proudly hang on my wall. In other words, something about the scene caught my interest-caused me to respond to it, both with my camera and in the post-processing phase of making my image.

L U C I U S    M.    U P S H A W

My work is both representational, non-representational, and combinations of each.  I strive for a sense of beauty and power through the use of simplicity of form and the pleasing relationship of one form to another to create objects of eternal interest.

I often choose people and animals as a vehicle to create new interesting shapes with varying degrees of realism.  My art is meant to be enjoyed both in its form and concept.  I want to create pieces that will inspire my audience.  My work is always based on the idea of lasting beauty.

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