Bourgeois Mystics at The Dip: The Most Spiritual Tour 2019

Bourgeois Mystics at The Dip: The Most Spiritual Tour 2019

Bourgeois Mystics is a for-profit, personal growth cult and “genre-defying dance party waiting to explode,” headquartered in Austin, TX. Founded in late 2014 by four acquisitive ascetics, they slowly bloomed into a multi-national sonic powerhouse, focusing their expressive musical talents on a completely original sound reminiscent of the abstract wit of MF DOOM, zany cheesiness of The B-52’s, epic arrangements of Ennio Morricone, and funky grooves of Jamiroquai, all culminating in a distinct sound that’s been described as “Zappa meets OutKast”.

In addition to their success amassing disproportionate amounts of wealth by running a massive click-farm operation using state of-the-art mechanized-chicken labor on their 38-acre commune in Buda, TX, the band has been recognized for their virtuosic musicianship & songwriting as well as their live shows, “an absurdist splatter of funk-rock, hip-hop, and jazz” that “sets audiences ablaze with their psychedelic Monty Python tongue-in-cheek humor and bombastic energy”. Other career highlights include sharing bills with George Clinton & Grupo Fantasma, their runners-up recognition in the 2018 Austin Music Awards, winning the “Keepin’ It Weird Award” at the 2018 Austin Music Video Fest for their wild take on the Bollywood classic, “Jaan Pehechan Ho”, and their prestige as a current top 4 finalist in consideration for a $25,000 grant from The Recording Conservatory of Austin.

This August, the band celebrates the release of their latest single, “The Most Spiritual”, a slammin’ dance-funk, holier-than-thou hip-hop banger, by embarking on “The Most Spiritual Tour” (very likely to be the highest-vibrational musical road show in all the western half of the material realm of the United States in August of 2019), with anchor dates in Seattle, Chicago, and Petaluma as the Lagunitas Beer Circus house band.

Doors 8PM | $7 | 21+ w/ Valid ID

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