Alvord Brothers

Alvord Brothers

Alvord Brothers – Local American roots rock, garage rock, classic rock, Americana, alternative country

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The Alvord Brothers are a garage rock/indie group from Northern California consisting of Brendon Alvord, Kevin Alvord, Derek”moss”Alvord and Sierra Monae.
Brendon Alvord: Lost & Found
– Ryan Prado, Synthesis magazine, 06.07

Nestled cozily within the city limits of Redding, California, and professing what amounts to the anti-ethos of rock’n’roll, Brendon Alvord’s ascent to official flagbearer of NorCal roots rocking is more impressive if you don’t look at the places he’s playing (mainly small bars), but rather his infallible songwriting chops.

The Amazing Countrified Garage Band
..About two years ago, Alvord, originally from the quiet mountain settlement of Weaverville, California, formed a three-piece bent on neo-folk rock in the vein of a countrified garage ensemble. And they were amazing.

Since those formative months, Alvord traveled around a lot, living in Southern California, Central California and even Mexico for a while. So even though Weaverville’s historically stoic façade and location within the mountains (most widely known by those in the North Valley as the town you blaze through to get to Eureka) certainly could have influenced Alvord’s down-to-earth storytelling, to him it seems the muse or his tribulations could have stemmed from almost anywhere.

“Maybe it’d be the same, wherever I grew up might not make a difference. Would I play techno if I lived in the city?” he quips.

Today, the band has undergone a major overhaul. Comprising the core now are lead guitarist Eric Day and bassist Steve Huff, with occasional addition Scott Joss (fiddler for Merle Haggard on the upcoming debut album [to be released in Winter 2011.

Broken Bonds, Homelessness & Seedy Dementia

Lyrically, Alvord explores the treacherous domain of broken bonds, lonely travels, homelessness and seedy dementia with the ease of an old soul, a feat that belies his 24 years of life experience. And with so many diversely creative people in his corner ([including] the managing team of Laurie O’Connell and Ed Barger, the production duo behind early releases by the Meat Puppets and Devo), Alvord’s songwriting seems only to improve over time, especially when his improvisational skills send him into feverish musical caverns, which is certainly no random occurrence.

“The last couple of years, I didn’t sit down and have a notebook or anything, wasn’t writing things down, keeping track of anything or recording anything… That’s just how everything was, and improvising goes along with that. Most of the songs do have some concrete ideas, and the choruses are the same a lot of the time. Maybe I’ll make up a different verse in between,” he explains.

Beyond the Living Room, a Bonfire

With upcoming gigs lined up around Northern California in the next few months, Alvord has surprisingly humble ambitions for such an engaging musical output.

“We’ll probably just keep playing in the living room more than anything, which is probably the most rewarding part of it anyway, for me.”

You wanted a veritable bonfire of a local rock band? You’ve got it.

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