Redding has several well-developed, world-class segments of the district and connecting trails (existing and being built) but is in need of a stakeholder-branding-marketing and re-development movement to connect our world-class assets at the river to the downtown core where historical and cultural assets exist.

Redding has 91,582 residents and is the county seat of Shasta County considered the geographic center and transportation crossroads of California’s North State on Interstate 5. It is considered a center of trade and commerce and a regional hub for retail, education, professional services, and government. Redding is the largest city north of Sacramento (160 miles away) and 230 miles north of San Francisco. The region is largely rural in character and geographically separated from other California metropolitan regions. Its population is one of the most dispersed in the state, having 49 persons per square mile compared to the statewide average of 239. Of California’s 57 Urbanized Areas identified in the 2010 Census, Redding has the fewest persons per square mile. The Redding Cultural District encompasses our park assets on the Sacramento River and is connected via existing and proposed trails to the boundaries of the Downtown Specific Plan which is currently being updated.

The new Downtown Specific Plan, which is friendly to arts, culture and history concepts as well as live/work and the greening of downtown, will set the stage for the RCD. The District’s marketing and branding plan will cast vision and help to draw night-time activity, farmer’s markets, concerts, events, arts training and enterprise to the Downtown core. These activities will assist in a walkable, bike-able environment.

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Cultural Tourism capabilities are tremendous with Redding’s 2,500 hotel rooms and the first four-star hotel north of Sacramento – the Sheraton/Turtle Bay, slated to open in Fall of 2017. Additionally, major music acts frequent Redding as an overnight on the way to the Bay Area or Los Angeles from Portland or Seattle. Our theater community is poised to become yet another theatrical attraction on I-5 as we are just two hours south of Ashland, Oregon, renowned for its Shakespeare Theater Festival and we have a vibrant local scene with world-class theater structures, river access, and Turtle Bay.

We look forward to being highlighted as a California Cultural District on It will also enhance our downtown residents lives and well-being with anticipated redevelopment.

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